Trattamenti osteopatici

Osteopathic treatments

  1 hour      40 euros
Osteopathy is a science that uses various techniques that the osteopath applies by using his physical strength to correct dysfunctions and return body mobility. By manipulating the complex network of nerves, muscles and bones, the osteopath helps the body's natural tendency towards healing and maintaining good health. Manipulative techniques by Osteopath Fabio Ventriglia Campana at Cascina Cliternia are soft relaxation techniques, which do not cause pain during sessions.
Visite guidate

Guided bike tours

  variable      price to be agreed
Cascina Cliternia is located in an ideal position for bicycle lovers. For this reason we organize several excursions , exploring the ancient tracks “tratturo” or riding on the many local paths, asphalted or not, to admire wheat fields, sunflowers and vineyards. The bike ride reaches characteristic villages of the Molise hinterland. Prices for Guided tours are determined upon agreement depending on the duration and number of participants.
Laboratori attività

Workshops with children and teenagers

Prices are determined upon agreement depending to on the number of participants
We organize many workshops for children and teenagers with the aim of spending time outdoors, doing typical countryside activities. Escape from the modern era of technology and rediscover the pleasure of doing ancient manual activities. Price are determined on the type of activity and the number of participants. Our laboratories are:
>> cultivated together: 2 hours dedicated to the typical activities of the countryside: planting the vegetable patch, planting trees, picking vegetables, picking fruits from the trees.
>> knead together: is a workshop divided into two moments of the day. In the morning the dough is prepared for bread and pizza and in the evening they are cooked in a wood oven outside Cascina Cliternia.
>> let's make jam: a complete workshop, from harvesting fruit, depending on the season, to making homemade jam.
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La struttura dista 1 km dal centro abitato più vicino
Non possiamo ospitare animali per via dei nostri numerosi gatti
Gli spazi sono ampi e comodi per portatori di handicap


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